Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is Blogging Antithetical to Taoism?

Over the past year, I've noticed an alarming trend -- more and more Taoist blogs seem to be disappearing altogether or going dormant. This disturbs me because, as I look out over the landscape of the world today, I think the philosophy of Taoism is needed now more than ever! We live in societies that extract untold amounts of the earth's bounty to try to satisfy egotistical desires and yet more and more people feel disconnected, isolated and alienated.

So, it seems to me that the words of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu are just as needed today as they were thousands of years ago. In fact, they may be more needed today.

At the same time, this creates sort of a dilemma. While words and thoughts certainly serve an important purpose, the underlying emphasis in Taoist thought is personal experience. No matter how many words are thrown on a page (or a computer monitor), all they represent are the proverbial fingers pointing at the moon or a series of light posts illuminating the terrain through the forest.

In other words, no matter what I or any other Taoist writes, you shouldn't accept it as truth unless you experience truth in your own way at your own time for yourself.

This is not to suggest that I plan to follow suit by shutting down this blog. While I realize it offers nothing more than a pale facsimile of the Way, I shall continue to peck out posts simply because I want to expose others to a way of interacting with the world that falls outside of mainstream western thought.

In the end, that's my simplistic goal -- to motivate whatever folks happen by to look at the world with a different set of eyes and to contemplate the mysteries from a different frame of reference.


  1. Those who need to find it, will find it. ;^)

    As to those who become silent, they are even more fully within the Tao -- "retire when the work is done." They leave us their words.


  2. Well said donna.

    Fingers point to the moon as the moon is an object. Once seen as it is then Tao can not even be pointed to.

    One thing it can never do is cease to be.

    These words will live on as long as there are people to read them.

    The truth will outlive the world.

    No panic :)

  3. What was probably my favourite blog, a highly intelligent and informed discussion of radical traditionalism, deep ecology, nihilism, including such figures as Evola and Savitri Devi, became a closed blog a while ago, meaning no-one except invited readers could see it. I found this unfortunate. It is always of help to a limited mind such as mine to have guides, and guides in the areas I'm interest in are few and far between.


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