Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Have a Confession...

...I actually became interested in this year's Dancing with the Stars on ABC. If that's not bad enough, I've been rooting for Donny Osmond the whole way. Tonight Osmond took home the trophy!!

I find this whole thing very bizarre for a number of reasons. First, I generally loathe these so-called reality-based programs and contests. I realize that most of it is contrived and it irritates the heck out of me that the networks try to sell it as being anything but contrived.

Second, I hate dancing. It's never been a hot interest of mine. I personally don't dance and I generally don't like to watch other people dance, yet here I am tuning in each week to watch a number of washed up and/or little known celebrities engaging in formal dance routines.

Third, I'm not a big fan of Mormonism and Donny is a true blue Mormon. He's one of a handful of celebrities and entertainers who wear their religious beliefs on their sleeves. In addition, Mormons tend to be very conservative and I'm a radical lefty.

Despite all these reasons, I've always liked Donny Osmond and I'm thrilled that he took home the first place ribbon.

Heck, I might even do a jig. :>)


  1. One of the last times I was in China, Beijing I think, I saw a similar TV program called "Dancing With Wolves." Really. Not making this up.

  2. So your new blog 'the Rambling and conservatively dressed Mormon ex Taoist' is in the making I presume :D

  3. strange, I was just thinking about dancing this morning... not a fan of that show, though. I prefer dancing myself to watching it, unless it's really good Latin dancing.

  4. Baroness,
    OK, I'll bite (pun intended). Were they really dancing with wolves?

    If I'm going to do that, I suppose I should go all the way: "the Rambling and conservatively dressed Mormon ex Taoist whose madly in love with Sarah Palin". :D :D :D

    The show featured some really good Latin dancing!

  5. Yeah, kind of weird.

    I, too, dislike reality shows, especially the more hyped ones. But..I have a confession to make. I watched the last Jon & Kate + 8.

    I'd never watched the show, but husband was around, TV was on, I was cooking, and I was tired of HLN. Just to bug him, I found TLC with the show.

    The kids were so cute and my husband started laughing constantly, then I had to watch.

    Now I understand all the hype.

  6. i like "dancing with the stars", because i like to watch dancing. i prefer "so you think you can dance" because it has a larger variety of dance styles, but i never get to watch it because we don't have cable t.v. and just watch episodes online. (so you think you can dance doesn't post their episodes online)

    i wanted mya to win, though, just because she's more of an accomplished dancer. :) nothing against donny, but mya is more skilled. i think she can blame dimitri (her partner) for her loss, as he made her do his idea for the "freestyle".


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