Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Birthday Wish

Here's what I wrote in my column for this week's Greener Times:
Today is my 52nd birthday. Instead of sending me email well wishes, I have a simple request for everyone reading this week's GT. Do something nice for a stranger or the planet today. Feed someone who is hungry. Talk to someone who is lonely. Cheer up someone who is down. Warm someone who is cold. Love someone who is unloved. Provide food or water for a stray animal. Offer to take a neighbor's recyclables to a recycling center. Leave your car at home and go for a walk or ride a bicycle. Turn down the thermostat. The possibilities are endless.
This applies to everyone reading this blog entry too! :>)


  1. HI R T

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and in honor of your birth and life I will definitely 'go the extra mile' today and do so in celebration of you. :-)

    Love to you

  2. Happy birthday RT. Your birthday wish reminded me of my Asbestos Head character:

    "Most of the day he meditates and tries not to think a thing, but at some point he goes out and finds nice things to do for other people. And whatever it is, he makes sure they can’t find out who did it, so everyone’s left looking around wondering which of these nice people blessed my life today?

    He leaves food and blankets with sleeping alley dwellers, sends flowers to people he secretly admires, cleans public bathrooms, picks trash from parks, pays ahead into vending machines and video games. He leaves flowers, books, or baskets of goodies on doorsteps. In the winter when it’s too wet to leave them outside he even wraps his presents, climbs on roofs, and delivers them down chimneys. He keeps lists of good people that grace his life and bad people who need grace in theirs, then rewards them all equally."

    Random acts of anonymous kindness! What a beautiful thing.


  3. I am going to try not to use the bathroom.

  4. Hmm, i was replying on the note of kindness and being green but my reply got so out of hand I ended up posting a long rant on my own site..

    Happy day after birthday by the way.

  5. it's strange but ever since i've become a mother i have the urge to give, to do something for others. i guess taevyn has taught me about my compassionate side. i mean, i used to help others before, when people in need came into contact with me. however now i find myself seeking such people out, finding ways to give. it's very interesting and neat. :)

  6. I had a good day. I made a great pot of soup and I told a joke or two to a sales clerk who was having a bad day -- she laughed and smiled.

    A special note to Dasein36:
    If you're going to come up with your own ingenious plan, the least you could do is deliver! Geez! :D

    You make me want to me a mother! Although, that said, several people have called me a mother something or other before. :P

  7. actually when i went to church one time on mother's day the pastor was talking about how each of us is a "mother" when we truly care for someone and put them first in our lives. i thought it was very cheesy at the time, but it's also very true. many people are "mothers" without realizing it! :D


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