Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bummed Out

Here's a major difference between a neurotypical person and someone like me with Asperger's.

Late this afternoon I learned that the South Bend Food Mart will be shutdown no later than November 30. It seems that a malfunctioning gas tank below ground has been leaking and the state is ordering that it be fixed or shutdown. The owner of the station doesn't want to spend the money, so the local manager and the three other employees will be out of work soon.

As I've shared with all of you before, I don't go out much. My general "social circle" includes the grocery store, the library, the bakery and an almost daily visit with my friends at the food mart. In fact, in the evening, the only two that are open are the grocery store and the soon-to-be-closed food mart.

While most patrons -- and they have a loyal clientele -- will express sadness and concern for the employees, I'm completely freaked out and more than a little depressed. I hate having my routines altered and this will put a big crimp in one!

Not only am I bummed out for my own personal reasons, but this means our town's ONLY gas station will close down. So now the nearest fill up will be on the west side of Raymond, 4 miles to our east and their prices routinely have been as much as 10 - 20 cents higher! In this day and age, a lot of us are trying to cut down on our amount of driving -- both for environmental and financial reasons -- yet now we will be forced to drive farther to spend more.

I want to cry. : (


  1. I hear you. I'm like you. My life will be perfect the day nothing changes. Even small changes drive me crazy. I've never been able to understand why I can't handle change.

    I know that eventually you will get used to the new arrangements, but it will suck until you do.

    We can always hope that somebody will buy the property and open a new gas station.

  2. I know you're right, but the transitions are so rough!


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