Friday, June 19, 2009

Going With the Flow

When we moved into our current abode, I was really happy. The house we owned in Salem, OR was very small -- about 750 square feet. Our house here in South Bend -- if the area of the basement is included -- is about twice that size. Since we have lots of animals (3 cats and 2 big dogs), the increased space means we aren't tripping over them with every step.

We also have an upstairs, unlike in Salem where everything was situated on one floor. The upstairs is my domain. One bedroom bedroom. The other is my office. I have sufficient closet space and a great view of the Willapa River just before it empties into the bay. My domain would be picture perfect except for one thing; both bathrooms are downstairs!

Initially, this caused a bit of a problem. Sometimes the call of nature comes quickly in the middle of the night. There I would be. Sleeping soundly. All of a sudden, I am struck by an urgent need to strain the potato and there is no porcelain to point Percy at. So, I bounce up from my sleeping mat and pray that I can hold my water as I stumble down the staircase.

One particular night I almost watered the tomatoes in mid flight. I thought to myself, "Gosh, there must be a better way to shake hands with an old friend". And then it hit me. I needed to learn truly to go with the flow.

I purchased one of those hand-held, plastic urinals and the problem of pumping the ship was solved. Simply and neatly.

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