Monday, December 22, 2008


At my house, today begins another typical week. There is nothing major on the agenda. I'll go about my regular routine, just like the week before and the week after.

For most people in South Bend and around the country as well as the world, this is a very special time -- Christmas Week. Children are growing more and more antsy in preparation for the opening of Christmas presents and area churches are preparing to celebrate the birth of their savior. Since my wife and I are childless (by choice) and I'm not a Christian, neither of these variables concern me.

I certainly don't begrudge others for celebrating their holiday as long as they don't begrudge me for not celebrating it. About the only affect Christmas Day has on me is that I must change my grocery shopping routine to take into account that the South Bend grocery store will be closed and the Raymond grocery store only will be open for limited hours.

Other than that, Thursday will be Thursday.


  1. I'm with you, RT. For me, Thursday will just be Thursday too.

  2. Maybe we should have a celebration of Thursdays. ;-)


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