Monday, December 22, 2008

A Milestone of Sorts

I didn't start this blog to be popular. I don't follow all the rules and hints needed to drive traffic to it. I simply write on topics or observations that interest me and, in doing so, I have a small group of people who accompany me on this ride.

From time to time, my traffic numbers shoot up precipitously. The first few occasions happened when I wrote my first entries critical of Christianity. My numbers rose again when I wrote a series of posts about a so-called educational outfit, Linda Christas. The stats spiked again when I wrote about the Grays Harbor Port protests in May of 2007 -- A lot of the visitors then were from the US government and military!

However, today for the very first time, I've had 100+ visitors stop by TRT. Most of these folks made their path to here via -- a conservative blog that took great exception to my post "Will You Kill for Me?'

It would seem that my visitor totals only shoot up when certain types of people feel the need to "put me in my place". That's their right. I have consciously chosen not to moderate comments, so anyone can write most anything they desire.

That said, I'll be happy when they return from whence they came and my numbers slide back down. I've learned that there's really no point in trying to reason with them because reason only clouds their arguments and tends to upset them.


  1. I find it interesting that to you, any argument besides your own falls outside "reason" and any rebuttal to your perspective is "clouded".

    And yet in the very next post you wrote, you "believed it was possible for individuals all over the political spectrum to come together to engage in civil discourse".

    I won't waste much of your time with my clouded arguments.. but I do ask that you actually put a conscious effort to think about what follows.

    You compared me, and those like me, to a mass murderer because I did what I felt was my duty to protect this protect you and your family, as well as mine. Every sacrifice those of us you slighted made was every bit as much for you and your family as it was for our own families. whether we agreed with you or not..and we asked for nothing back.. our reward being only to live in the most prosperous, safest Country on the planet.. and yet to you, we are the ones who are clouded and without reason. Cold blooded murderers like Manson.

    As I said, I don't care if you are convinced of anything or just does not matter.. But I do ask that before you write me/us off as clouded angry indiscriminate killers.. think about how many ways you just may be wrong. Just think before you defile the memory of so many who so selflessly gave the most precious thing they had so that you had the right to write this blog, and stay alive and safe doing it.

    Manson? Hardly....Manson would have killed you and yours and not felt a tinge of remorse, while I trained and fought most of my adult life for you and yours to never truly know the horrors that prey on the world.

    Should men like me give up and stop fighting because men like you don't care, men like you will be face to face with a very cold reality...and it will kill you, because you have no idea how ugly it is until you look it in the eye. And by the time it is close enough to look you in the eye, you will be dead, and none of your social worker skills or reason or judgment will save you. Lifetimes of training didn't save some of us, and we were as ready for it as can be. Until you actually see it, smell it, and feel it, you know nothing about it. No book can teach you the reality of it. No documentary can show you all it is. Sitting safe in your home with your family bothering nobody will not make it leave you alone. People like MCPO made it leave you alone.

    All I ask is that you think about what I have said. I shall grant your wish, and return from whence I came now in hopes that maybe.. just maybe you will actually ponder what I have said to you, and see that in reality, you know nothing about this topic.

  2. The last sentence of my post was written tongue-in-cheek. I thought most readers would get that, but obviously not.

    As stated before, it seems that ALL of the visitors coming here from Knowledge Is Power are focusing on the incorrect comparison. My point -- one which I made clear -- was that Manson and governments who wage war are manipulators.

    Manson utilized sex and drugs to manipulate troubled teens to go out to kill people. Governments utilize religion, nationalism, patriotism and hate to recruit and manipulate men and woman to go out to kill people.

    You wrote, "Manson would have killed you and yours and not felt a tinge of remorse, while I trained and fought most of my adult life for you and yours to never truly know the horrors that prey on the world."

    Do you fell remorse for those you've killed for God and country? If not, then how are you different from the members of Charlie's family who killed?

    I will grant that there are many US soldiers who do, in fact, feel much remorse. I've proudly stood beside them at many a peace protest. They came to realize that the US government manipulated each to become a killing machine. And it has haunted them for the rest of their lives.

    Finally, this is not a sin solely of the US of A. Those we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are guilty of the same kinds of manipulation. So too was Hitler, Stalin, and the list goes on and on.

  3. JUST FYI.....
    My "conservative blog" is made up of more varied readers and contributors from every walk of life that your pigeonholing could possibly ever dream up...
    gays, lesbians,bi-sexuals... pagans, Christians, atheists... pagan homosexuals, homosexual Christians, all races and the most uncommon mixes...... military folk both currently serving and veterans of all ranks... homeless folk to very wealthy...PHDs and high school drop outs. Even some military heroes that never made it past 6th grade. And there are thousands of US from all over the world. And we've done more good for the world both immediate and intimately and far reaching than any statistic or "non-profit" organization could ever dream of.

    I could go on but it's not that important to ME.
    What that you seem to think you are so enlightened and we, because many of us don't subscribe to YOUR way of thinking, are the ignorant ones. I don't find you ignorant (I don't know enough about you ), just naive.

    I only mentioned the above to enlighten YOU so that you can chew on that while you smugly go on your path of enlightenment armed with more insight. I'm a giver.

  4. You're correct. I DO feel more enlightened than people who support the wholesale slaughter of other people, animals and this planet. I DO feel more enlightened than people who think power, might and wealth make any difference in the universe.

    So, you can chew on that.

  5. people who support the wholesale slaughter of other people

    And there we have it! You actually ARE ignorant.
    Thanks for the insight!

    I'll be going now, I don't associate with people who rape horses.

  6. Regardless of the manner SondraK would like to characterize her blog, I stand firmly behind the description of it being a conservative one!

    I've spent some time reading the posts and comments. Most all of them resort to name calling and belittling any viewpoint that doesn't agree with the author's viewpoint. Many of them seem to delight in the utilization of foul and vulgar language.

    In my book, that certainly meets the criteria of conservative AND reactionary.

  7. I present to the rambling green Nazi... !


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