Friday, January 12, 2007

Adding to the Archives

The trolls at Linda Christas keep claiming that their business is a legit educational organization. So, I decided to visit the websites of several of this nation's leading educational magazines to see what they say about Linda Christas. Here's what I found (note: comments left by the trolls don't count):

American Educator - 0 hits
American School & University - 0 hits
Current Issues in Education - 0 hits
Education Next - 0 hits
Education Week - 0 hits
eLearn Magazine - 0 hits
Home Education Magazine - 0 hits
Rethinking Schools - 0 hits
Teachers College Record - 0 hits
Teaching K-8 - 0 hits

As you can easily see -- and verify by following the links -- not one of these publications has even mentioned Linda Christas in the same breath with the concept of education. They haven't endorsed them nor panned them. They are completely silent.

If you think about it for half of a second, that's really mind boggling. Here we have a supposedly well respected educational outfit that trumpets its plaudits on its own website, yet, when a person tries to perform some research on the topic, the result is zero. Nada. Zilch.

In fact, if you perform a search on the words, "Linda Christas" about all you will find in their favor are bunches of cut-and-paste comments posted on slews of bulletin and message boards. I know this to be true because I just spent the last hour looking at the first 120 entries on Google.

Is Linda Christas genuinely a bona fide educational organization? My continued research strongly indicates that it is not.

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