Thursday, May 11, 2006

George & Tom -- A Striking Similarity

He came. He entertained. The town went wild. He left. This represents the briefest of descriptions of Tom Cruise's visit to the Harbor. As I had predicted, there was a front page story in The Daily World about Tom Cruise for 8 consecutive days! In the nearly 6 months my wife & I have lived in Aberdeen, no other story -- no matter how important -- has dominated the news like Tom Cruise.

One sentence in the "Tommie was here" recap article caught my eye. It reminded me of the many articles I've read over the past 5 years in which Dubya was the central character. It was mentioned that, amongst the thousands upon thousands of fans, there was ONE protestor. An unidentified woman brought a sign which condemned Cruise's belief in Scientology.

It seems that she was not allowed to stay for very long. Security personnel removed her from the area long before Mr. Cruise and his fiancee made their appearance at the South Shore Mall. Consequently, just like the many appearances of Dubya, free speech was suspended.

What is our world coming to when any person is not allowed to express their opinion openly?


  1. What is our world coming to when any person is not allowed to express their opinion openly?

    I'd like you to ask that question of your murdering Muslim friends. Like how many have they killed because someone wanted to express their opinion openly?

    Maybe you'd like to express your concerns of the three little Christian girls that were beheadded by 7 Muslim men just recently. Ah, now that's different with you, isn't it hypocrite!

    Just expressing my opinion openly!

  2. Wow, not that you're conflating murdering islamists with all muslims and then linking all of that negativity straight to Trey...because you're not doing that, right?

    Murder is not's murder. It's no better or worse for a bunch of so-called muslims (you can't link violent terrorists with true definition) to murder young christian children than it is for the predominately christian US Military to drop white phosophorous on predominately Muslim cities in Iraq. In the end, some innocent person gets killed in a most violent manner. That destruction of life is what is truly wrong.

    Why do you foster so much hate within you? I'm sorry to see it, anger and hate hurt you more than the people who get it from you.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion...but do try to be fair when using that opinion to go after someone else.

  3. Well said, Floundericiousmi. Last I checked, freedom of speech was still included in the Constitution. Freedom to murder ... hmmm ... I don't see that in there anywhere. Some Dogs really like Red Herring, morning, noon and night.

    Not that I would expect lap dogs for the current administration to be supporters of the Constitution and its prohibition of unreasonable searches, etc.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to make a phone call.

  4. Not only was the protester not allowed to stay for long, as I understand it Tom cruised fairly soon after arrival, too.

    The good news is this non-event allowed me to learn that Grays Harbor County will soon be home to the country's largest biodiesel plant.

  5. Listening to either is like watching a car smash in slow-motion.

  6. What's up with this Dubya? A little nickname for Bush?


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