Sunday, May 7, 2006

Cruise 'N the Harbor

One of the big differences between living in a small town versus a small city (Salem) or a large metropolis like Chicago or New York City can be found on the front pages of the area newspaper. (Of course, another difference is the number of newspapers itself.)

The big story in Aberdeen's The Daily World is of no international or national significance. It isn't political or scientific. No, the BIG story that has predominated our front page for the past 5 days and will continue to show up there until, at least, Wednesday is that movie actor Tom Cruise is coming to Aberdeen.

It seems a local man won some on line contest in which he will get to see a private screening of the latest Mission Impossible flick with the star himself. The screening will take place at our half-dead South Shore Mall on Tuesday. People from as far away as Portland and Seattle plan to descend on our area to catch a glimpse of this so-called sex symbol.

I suppose the excitement is understandable. Towns like Aberdeen -- far off the beaten path -- aren't used to feting movie stars and the like. Heck, it's a big deal when the governor or a member of the Seattle Mariners comes to town. Still, Tom Cruise is just a guy who acts in movies. It's not like he's an important role model or world leader.

It amazes me what seems to excite people. I know I certainly won't alter my general routine come Tuesday night.


  1. Pity Tom Cruise, having to sit throught that film in every one-horse town (no offence) he visits.

  2. Yeah, it's kind of a shame how 'idol worship' transforms our world, and keeps many from pursuing more relevant things...and personally I've kind of had enough of TC's jibberjabber...

  3. Daily O quotes someone saying he's a symbol of America...'When people think of America they think of Tom Cruise & McDonald's.'

    Rob, from 'news' reports I heard, he said hi, then left...didn't stay for the film. Wonder if the 'winner' will sue for false advertising?


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