Sunday, February 23, 2014

When Turning Left, Use Your Blinker

Trey Smith

One complaint I have often received on this blog is my fusion of leftist ideology with philosophical Taoism. I make no apologies for it because we each travel down different paths and I tend to travel down those to the left of center. Therefore, it is understandable that my tao would tend to be a left-leaning one.

That said, I sort of understand how this criticism arises and, with this blog in its winding down stage, I have created a new one: The [Left] Left Coast. I will endeavor to use the new blog as a platform for my radical, left-leaning commentary.

Once I finish posting another 4 - 6 weeks of Scott's insightful contemplations and a few entries of my own here and there, this blog will go on a prolonged hiatus. I'm not saying definitively that it will end -- though it certainly may -- but I'm guessing I will only post to it periodically going forward. I've told Scott that the door here will forever be open to him and the same is true for Ta-Wan, but we've each written about this same overall topic for years and it feels like a good time to turn over a new leaf.

I don't know how often I will post on The [Left] Left Coast, but knowing myself, I'm sure it will be off and on. When it's on, there probably will be a flurry of posts and, when it's off, I may go days without posting anything. But I do plan to move two features from here over to there: Morning News and the Afternoon Matinee (though, maybe, I should jettison the use of the word Afternoon in combination with Matinee). ;-)


  1. I find "The Left" perspective a comfortable fit with Taoism, especially in the environmental social intersection. The concept of wu-wei (rising of itself) echos the tenets of Deep Ecology, bioregionalism and anarchism.

    In fact, it was while conducting environmental research and activism that I experienced my first taste of satori.

    Never hesitate to straddle the line, if there is one, between illusional boundaries.

  2. Haven't stopped by in quite a while, my own busy life, an active Facebook presence, my neglected blog. Good luck! I was rather amused to find your reference to the redundancy of "afternoon matinee"...I think I pointed that out many moons ago.

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