Friday, January 10, 2014

We live in a Yang orientated world


"We live in a Yang orientated world"

I heard that quote for the first time some years ago and though "Oooo how deep". - but it is meaningless.

Yang can only yang as yin allows this. We can not take the statement and say well "Yin must push back" as yin would then be yang. The nature of yin is to allow and for yang to enter. Yin by it's virtue allows yang.

To say "We live in a Yang orientated world" is to say that you are focusing on the Yang and it is to miss that we must always have a yin yang world - so the key to the whole is to see the yin and not ask yin to be yang. If yin pushed it would be yang and if yin stopped it would be death.

Neither is more powerful, yang can only yang as yin allows, yin can only allow for something with a virtue to take - they are just words for aspects of the whole and NOT things to tie to western ideas of dualism. Yin VS Yang is not the case, yin and yang are actions of the whole.

When yin has done all she can and yang has taken all he can then yin becomes yang , that is to say the nature alters to be the taking aspect of the whole. Yang always "pushes" as yin always takes, they do not alternate in action but the name alternates.

On a bicycle the legs change role of yin yang as they push or come up, if they both pushed the wheels could not turn.

This post originally appeared on Ta-Wan's blog, Tao Wow.

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