Thursday, January 2, 2014

Time Is Not Change Is


Look at these 3;

1) a movie is playing and people move across the screen
2) a computer game or animation is processing and people on the screen
3) life, people moving around

What is happening is just a happening which appears to be peopling. I was walking and smiling at this for some time earlier today, the happening was a happening, I was a smiling happening peopling but not aware of myselfeling. I was not there it was just a happening, then someone said 'excuse me' and it made me laugh, one of these peoplings spoke to me. I then felt like a happening peopling a answering - but the happening was still happening, I was the happening briefly identifying with a character.

You can identify with a character on screen, watch them flow through the story, but there is no one there - on the screen there is just a constant wave of changing colours.

The film or computer animation or game is occuring from a timeless source and the change produced is giving the idea of people doing things over time. There is no going back in the processor, no before or after. There is only that 110100100101 there right now becoming what you see, then it is 001010010111 it has just changed and you form a continuity from that.

There is just a changing happening. One of my parents friends just died, they are sad - the happening is no longer animating that person as was, that person is just the impression people have in their minds of them - but that is all they ever were ever anyway.

When you are not there and the universe is happening with no attachment to forms you are absent and in bliss due to this, you may view the happening from the level of the film or the viewer or the other characters but you'll get hung up if you do most of those. The state is not achieved by trying as the entity trying is starting from inside the trap of self to escape the self. Self can not escape self by trying as self is the doer.

It seems though by setting the task as something for the mind to do it short circuits, the camera no longer thinks it is moving the objects around on the film. The screen no longer thinks it is doing the processor.

This post originally appeared on Ta-Wan's blog, Tao Wow.

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