Monday, January 6, 2014

Mostly Coming...But Still Going

Trey Smith

Most mornings when Jaz and I walk on the beach, the ocean is depositing more sand on it. It sometimes make me think that, if we stood there long enough, we would be covered up in no time at all!

But today was different. There was a stiff east wind -- around 20 mph -- and this wind was blowing the sand back into the ocean. It was blowing hard enough that, when we returned to the car after the walk, I spent a good deal of time spitting sand and cleaning it out of my eyes and nostrils.

It would be nice to say this offers an apt metaphor for balance and harmony: coming and going, going and coming. But one or the other tends to predominate. That is why a coastline is always changing. Houses fall into the sea and new "land" springs up out of "nowhere".

In some areas, there are more comings than goings. In other places, it is the reverse. Much like life, in general.

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