Monday, December 30, 2013

Only Have What You Can Afford to Lose


This is an idea I have had for a long time but only on saying it to a friend this evening did I find it worthy of note;

"Only have what you can afford to lose"

So that anything; savings, house, car, iPoo, etc: - only to the value of that which you could lose and replace. Which, of course, is much lower than that which most people have, especially those who live on credit or debt.

If someone took this laptop, ok, it is very old, runs Linux Mint and all the good stuff is backed up on an external disk, internet or both. If our landlord took the room from us, if someone took all my savings or food, or so on, if my shirt was stolen from my back. More so if I lost my wife, my family or life. In all cases it has been justified.

My wife is far more wise than I am. She embraces death, has no religion whatsoever, has a fine mind and philosophy; She has often said that if death came, then good, I have lived perfectly well, done my best; If I were born again I would ask for exactly the same and if not, then ok, I had fun, did my best.

What do you have that if you lost it it would be a great drain? Really would it be a drain or a release? Could you throw it all away?

Only when you have given it all up, do you have it all.

This post originally appeared on Ta-Wan's blog, Tao Wow.

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