Saturday, December 21, 2013

False Teef

Trey Smith

I did something last night I almost never do: I glued in my upper dentures. Why? Because I was trying to record this morning's news show for our local radio station and I kept flubbing one story after another. I would do okay for a while, only for my upper denture to slip or develop some fluid underneath it. When one of those two things happened, I would end up slurring one or more words and, being something of a perfectionist, I would feel the need to start the recording all over again.

When I was in radio years ago, I didn't have such problems because I had teeth, not dentures. I could usually get through a 10 or 15 minute live newscast with minimal mistakes. But that was then and this is now. I have to deal with the now.

There is no great moral to this brief post...except that growing old is part of life. As we age, we slow down and gradually break down. There is little reason to lament this state of affairs because it happens to everyone and everything that has been granted the opportunity of some degree of longevity.

Consequently, though I certainly get frustrated, at times, I simply need to understand that my diction isn't what it used to be and to forgive myself if it sometimes sounds as if I'm saying false teef instead of false teeth.


  1. Yeah, but you're only in your 50s, right? Not exactly old by any stretch of the imagination.

    The fact that you have false teeth at such a young age, doesn't really having anything to do with getting older, but is more a matter of having neglected your teeth. Some people feel old when they are young, and others feel young when they are old. It's a combination of genetics, lifestyle, and attitude.

    Honestly, had you never revealed your age on this blog, the way you present yourself here, I would have thought you were in your eighties or nineties.

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