Friday, December 6, 2013

As Sticky As Flypaper

Trey Smith

Google may have been, until now, the Obama of hip internet monopolies. No matter how many nations the President bombs, people still put Obama peace-sign stickers on their cars. No matter how many radical rightwing initiatives Google funds, people still think it’s a “progressive corporation” — How could it not be? It’s making progress!

Google is funding Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the Federalist Society, the American Conservative Union, and the political arm of the Heritage Foundation.

And there’s more really bad news: Google is funding ALEC, the powerful, secretive, and destructive lobbying force from which many companies concerned with their public images are fleeing.
~ from I Googled “Evil” And It Took Me to Google by David Swanson ~
It's interesting how certain ideas stick in people's minds, facts be damned. Here's another current one for you: President Obama is a closet socialist working fervently to do in the country.

It may sound good to some folks, but there is no documentation to back it up! (Heck, most of the minions who repeat this refrain over and over again could not define the word, socialism, if their life depended upon it.)

A truly socialist president would advance policies to shrink the growing divide between poor and rich. Under Obama, the chasm continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

A truly socialist president would champion universal health care. Under Obama, the public option -- a weak facsimile of universal health care -- was taken off the table BEFORE the national debate even got underway.

A truly socialist president would expand the Food Stamp program to insure that everyone has enough to eat. Under Obama, the program has been cut, even though a record number of people are signed up under the program.

A truly socialist president would do everything in his/her power to protect Social Security. Under Obama, the president has shown time and again that he is chomping at the bit to hand over the program to the private sector.

A truly socialist president would favor the institution of progressive taxation. Under Obama, the most recent proposal is to cut -- yet again -- the top rates, so that the marginal rates for the rich go down even further.

You see, on the issue of economics -- socialism is an ideology based on economics -- Obama has proven to be anything but a socialist and yet the idea that he is one persists unabated.

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