Monday, November 4, 2013

Yang Zhu, Chapter 13, Part 5


"These two villains while alive took delight in following their own inclination and desires, and after death were called fools and tyrants. Yet reality is nothing that can be given by reputation.

"Ignorant of censure and unconscious of praise, they differed in no respect from the stump of a tree or a clod of earth.

"The four sages, though objects of admiration, were troubled up to their very end, and were equally and alike doomed to die.

"The two villains, though detested and hated by many, remained in high spirits up to the very end, and they too were equally doomed to die."
Translator of Yang Zhu's Garden of Pleasure is Anton Forke. If you missed any posts in this series, please utilize the Yang Zhu label below.

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