Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Martian Chronicles and Back to the Future

Trey Smith

After our moving sale in South Bend ended, we did something drastic: we cut-off our DirecTV service. Here in Ocean Shores, we are going a different route. Instead of cable or satellite TV, we signed up with Hulu and then purchased a Roku digital streaming device. Della can still watch most of her network TV shows -- albeit the day AFTER broadcast.

Me? While I've added channels like Free Speech TV, The Young Turks and Democracy Now! to my line-up, I have also rediscovered classic television shows from my youth of the early to mid 60s. I've been working my way through the entire episode collection of My Favorite Martian and The Time Tunnel. While a good deal of the acting seems a bit hokey by today's standards, I think both programs stand up well to the test of time.

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