Saturday, November 9, 2013

Still Ashamed

Scott Bradley

I wrote a post some time ago in which I said I was ashamed to be an American; I still am.

Yesterday (11/8) I heard (and thankfully did not see) a video (released by "Rolling Stone") on Democracy Now! in which a detainee in Afghanistan was being tortured while American soldiers — trainers — looked on. His cries were horrific. (I admit to having an incredible dread of torture.)

This was done in my name. This is now, even as I write, being done in my name. My country is an evil empire, and its citizens by virtue of their complacency are responsible. Got stuff? What else matters?

But this was an aberration we will be told, the work of a few bad apples. No it is not. This is America at work around the world — sending out its mercenaries to bring death and terror to keep the world safe for the multinational corporations and the ruling elite.

But why should I be ashamed? I denounce this evil; I write this post. Yet still I profit (at least for the moment) from this despicable system. And I know of no way to change it.

But mostly I am ashamed because I am not myself sufficiently transformed as to be able to transform others. My engagement would just be more of the same.

I once was a Christian, and as a Christian went to protest at a Christian sponsored "God Bless America" rally and held up a sign saying, "America's God is the Devil". I say it again now: America's God is the Devil.

Where are the prophets? Where are the religious, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, who stand up in sackcloth and ashes and scream the idolatry of nationalism, "exceptionalism", empire, and divine mandate? Let me, at least, say together with Rev. Wright, Obama's (our beloved Judas who sold us out for a few pieces of silver) abandoned preacher, "God damn America!"

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