Monday, November 25, 2013

Riding the Waves

Trey Smith

With a title like that, you might think that I'm going to tell you that I've decided to take up surfing! Those aren't the kind of waves I'm referring to. For one thing, I'm too old and feeble to learn a sport such as that. For another, unlike many other coastal communities around the world, our weather and water temperatures are not that conducive to surfing. This is not to say that no one surfs off of our coasts, but the folks that do so are hardy souls...and a bit nuts too!

No, the kind of waves I may be riding soon are air waves. Ocean Shores is blessed with a low-power FM radio station, KOSW-LP. It's an all-volunteer effort that will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year.

Like many nonprofit groups, the station was launched with great fanfare.  For the first few years, there were plenty of volunteers and the future looked bright.  However, once the initial enthusiasm began to wane, the station lost a lot of its momentum.  While a small and dedicated core of volunteers and supporters remain, their small number greatly limits what the station could accomplish.

What they desperately need is new blood and I need a local project to occupy my time when I'm not writing posts and administering this blog.  So, maybe it is fortuitous that I landed here now.  I suppose we'll see.

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