Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Every Sperm Is Precious

Archbishop Scott
of The Church of Pernicious Oneness

Our Christian sisters and brothers have quite rightfully begun to advocate for the personhood of every fertilized human egg; every zygote is precious in the eyes of God and deserves full constitutional protection under the law. Yet this clearly does not go far enough—every unfertilized egg is also precious, as is every unrealized sperm. They are, after all, each one a potential human being. Who are we then to deny their worth in the eyes of God?

This did not escape the notice of our blessed Church fathers, some of whom observed that every female menstrual cycle is in fact the crying out of an unborn child at its missed opportunity at personhood. This is an abominable sin, as they rightly pointed out. Women have a moral obligation to make use of every egg possible. Pregnancy is the holiest state that a woman can achieve. Men, as the natural and divinely mandated leaders of women, similarly have a moral obligation to insure that as many of their sperm as possible unite with the egg in the miraculous and holy event of conception.

Some cynics have responded that some eggs are unavoidably lost and many more sperm as well, and have suggested therefore, that their loss is of no great moral import. This comes from a failure to recognize the full consequences of Original Sin. Man is born in sin and lives with the consequences of that sin in every aspect of his existence. This is why life is a slow death. Are we not nevertheless morally obliged to prolong that life for as long as possible?

This understanding of the sanctity of every egg and every sperm necessarily leads us to the moral obligation to insure their full protection under the law. At the first signs of puberty every girl must be given to a husband to insure that as few eggs are lost as possible. Boys, who are not ready for the great responsibilities of fatherhood as are we mature men, must be watched at all times to ensure that they do not "cast their seed upon the ground" (the sin of Onan in Gen. 38:10) and should be severely punished should they be found to have done so. Involuntary night-time seminal emissions must be viewed as expressions of man's sinful nature, condemned as such, and public repentance and humiliation exacted. Women and girls, once impregnated, must be watched closely to insure that they do not in any way prejudice the health of the fetus, and all who do or are suspected of being potentially capable of doing so must be placed in institutions where they can be forced to properly fulfill their divinely mandated role as holy vessels for the propagation of the species. ("Go forth and multiply so as to fill the earth" is God's command!)

Ours is a great crusade against an increasingly demonic government that believes it has the right to impinge upon our God-given freedoms. Big government needs to be told to stay out of our lives and allow us to freely realize our religious principles. Those who refuse the will of the Lord shall be punished.

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