Sunday, November 17, 2013

Buck Naked

Trey Smith

For the past three days, I have gone without TV and the internet as I finished up the major aspects of the move north. I thought it might leave me feeling buck naked, but it really hasn't been so bad. By the end of each day, I have been so exhausted that I've simply collapsed into the nearest bed. Writing a blog post was the furthest thing from my mind!

I'm still a day or so away from resuming regular posting. While most everything has now been moved here to Ocean Shores, we are now knee-deep in the second phase of any move: unpacking. We are still trying to figure out where everything goes or if, maybe, we brought a little too much with us. Sprinkled in with this activity is a new constant in our lives: walking the dogs. No longer can they run down the steps into a fenced backyard to do their business -- now one of us must take them out!

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