Monday, November 11, 2013

Almost Gone

Trey Smith

Hopefully, when you read this, I will have delivered our last load of furniture to Ocean Shores. Yesterday, I took down my bedroom and moved my desk out of my computer room -- my computer now sits on a wobbly card table. The computer won't make the move up north until the end of this week or the start of next week. By our current plans, I will make one or two overnight trips back here to continue the work on clean-up duty before we have the utilities shutoff.

At that juncture, all that will be left is to take whatever is left over to the dump. I may wait until my buddy Dan gets back to South Bend in three weeks because, unlike me, he has a pickup. (He's in Oregon on a job.) Once the final dump run (or runs) is complete, I will lock up the house for the final time and, in short order, turn over the keys to USDA.

As I ferry between Ocean Shores and South Bend this week, I may or may not post as much as usual. We'll just have to see how things flush out.

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