Monday, October 28, 2013

Yang Zhu, Chapter 9, Part 2


Tse-Chan pondering over these things, stealthily betook himself to Teng-hsi to consult him, and said:

"I have heard that the care for one's own person has its influence on the family, and the care taken of a family influences the state. That is to say, starting from the nearest one reaches to what is distant. I have taken care of my kingdom, but my own family is in disorder. Perhaps this way is not the right one. What am I to do? what measures am I to take to save these two men?"

Teng-hsi replied:

"I have wondered for a long while at you. But I did not dare to speak to you first. Why do you not always control them? Administer exhortations based on the importance of life and nature, or admonitions regarding the sublimity of righteousness and proper conduct."

Tse-Chan did as Teng-hsi had advised, and taking an opportunity of seeing his brothers said to them:

"That in which man is superior to beasts and birds are his mental faculties. Through them he gets righteousness and propriety, and so glory and rank fall to his share. You are only moved by what excites your sense, and indulge only in licentious desires, endangering your lives and natures.

"Hear my words. Repent in the morning, and in the evening you will have already gained the wage that will support you."
Translator of Yang Zhu's Garden of Pleasure is Anton Forke. If you missed any posts in this series, please utilize the Yang Zhu label below.

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