Sunday, October 6, 2013

Torn Between Two Lovers

Trey Smith

Back in the 70s, there was this incredibly sappy song -- Torn Between Two Lovers -- that somehow was a #1 hit. (Can you tell I wasn't a fan of it?) It's about a woman who loves two men and can't seem to choose between them. I sort of understand that sentiment today as I'm torn between my future home in Ocean Shores and my current home in South Bend.

Jaz and I traveled north on Friday to spend the night with Della and Lily. We both enjoyed the visit immensely, though both of us felt a little out of place. When it was time to leave late yesterday afternoon, there were hugs, kisses and more than a few licks. Upon returning to South Bend, Jaz bounded from the car to run around both our yard and our next door neighbor's yard. I walked into the house glad to be home, but it no longer feels completely like home anymore.

The majority of the furniture is in Ocean Shores. So too is my beloved and Lily. I still enjoy the space of this house, but, without most of the furniture and two important members of the family, it seems a lot larger than it use to.

And so, I'm torn between not wanting to let go of this house, but wanting our little family to be reunited in one place.

After doing a fair share of work here, Jaz and I will travel back to Ocean Shores next Friday morning to return to South Bend Saturday early-evening. This process will repeat itself another 3 or 4 times before Jaz and I are ready to make the final move. Between now and then, I will relish my time in this structure, while concurrently missing Della and Lily. It is sort of like being torn between two lovers.

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