Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Society Is Tough On Old Geezers

Trey Smith

Society makes it tough on each of us as we age. While advanced years often equate to greater maturity and wisdom, our culture is enamored with youth. In most aspects of modern society, we are told that to be valued, loved, desired and catered to, we must be young or, at least, young at heart.

Popular culture drives home this message so forcefully that many people spend untold amounts of time and money trying to turn back the years. Seniors and even those of middle age get tummy tucks, facelifts, boob jobs, botox and hair transplants in an attempt to look younger than they actually are. They buy snazzy sports cars in an effort to tell others that they still have the ol' get up and go. They try to keep up with the latest fashions to show they know where it's at. The very notion of accepting one's age for what it is seems like a repugnant concept.

It's not just this way for humans either. When people go looking for a pet, they want cuddly puppies and fuzzy kittens. Old geezers don't get as much as a second look!

We're learning this lesson the hard way as we try desperately to find a home for our 13 year old cat, Dylan. Della has called ALL of the pet shelters in our two county region and none of them will accept such an old cat. With limited budgets, they want animals that have a high chance of adoption and a 13 year old cat doesn't meet that definition. We've talked to countless friends and acquaintances. So far, there has been no interest. Della has posted notices on several websites and Facebook -- no one has contacted her.

Animal advocates say that the worst thing that people can do is to "dump" their pets in the community. Some locales have laws against such things. But what is one to do if no one will take your cat and you can't take him with you? Someone suggested that we simply should euthanize him, but he's healthy! I'm sorry, but that seems to us to be the most inhumane thing a person could do: Kill a healthy animal because he's no longer "convenient" or doesn't fit into the current situation.

This circumstance with Dylan has Della and I both completely demoralized. What are we to do when it comes time for me to make the final move to Ocean Shores and we still haven't found a home for Dylan? What are we to do?

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  1. I don't know if it would work, Trey, but Vashon Island has a no kill shelter--VIPP--and I give generously to them. If they would be willing to take Dylan (and during the summer they were filled to capacity so they may not be able to), I would make a donation to VIPP in Dylan's name to provide the monies to see him saved. Just a thought. VIPP knows me so you can take my name in vain and have them contact me if they need to. Good luck and this is certainly a powerful post.


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