Thursday, October 3, 2013

So Out of Step

Trey Smith

Within the past week, the series finale of Breaking Bad was aired. Not only did I not watch the finale, I have never seen as much as one episode. The same goes for Glee, Mad Men, Game of Thrones or even The Simpsons.  When it comes to the few quality TV programs that still have mass appeal, I score a big fat zero.

Mind you, I'm neither proud nor ashamed of this happenstance.  It's just the way it is.  There are few programs on TV anymore that I watch with regularity.  I'm not really sure why -- I read far more than I watch.

While this circumstance is not particularly irksome to me, it does mean I am the odd man out of many conversations in the community.  Someone will remark about the latest episode of whatever program and almost everyone else knows what they are referring to.  When asked my opinion, I tell folks that -- since I am unfamiliar with the program referenced -- I have none.

What amuses me is the disbelief that my chosen ignorance engenders.  People are often dumbfounded that I have never watched THEIR favorite program.  They want to know if I live in cultural vacuum! 

Knowing my peculiar personality, so many people are truly stunned that I have never watched even one episode of The Simpsons.  You should really check it out, they urge, but this has never motivated me to do so.  Again, I really can't offer an explanation as to why. 

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  1. People often give TV shows more cultural currency than they should. Take Breaking Bad. I love the show and have watched every episode. However, I am in the minority. According to viewership numbers, less than10% of Americans watch Breaking Bad.

    When I get upset, which is fairly often, at the gas bags on Fox News, I remind myself that 95% of Americans do not watch it. We all have our shows we like to watch. For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would want to watch Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo. Yet, millions of people do. I tend to like HBO, AMC, FX, and Showtime dramas. The Simpsons? Can't stand the show, yet my one son who is most like me, loves the show.

    I would never judge a person based on their viewing habits. Each to their own.


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