Saturday, October 19, 2013

Loitering in a Church Parking Lot

Trey Smith

Thursday I made another trip to Ocean Shores. That evening I volunteered for dog walking duties. Not far from our apartment is a Lutheran Church that has a large vacant field behind it. I took Jaz over there so she could run off-leash.

As I'm ambling across the church parking lot, something caught my eye. Right next to the main door is a parking spot reserved for Pastor Bob. I assume that Pastor Bob is the church minister.

In the Book of Matthew -- I don't remember the chapter or verse -- is a line that goes something like, the first will come last and the last will come first. Based on this sentiment, shouldn't Pastor Bob's parking space be located the furthest away from the door?

In most churches, the minister is considered the head guy or gal. Another way of saying this is that the minister is numero uno or the first. So, it would stand to reason that this first person should come last. The lowest member of the congregation should receive the primo parking space.

Just say'n.

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  1. I have mentioned this very issue several times over the years, including preaching about it. Jesus condemned this kind of preferential treatment. At the very least, it gives the appearance that the pastor is some kind of star or celebrity.

    I had a lot of failings and faults as a pastor. However, wanting exalted or preferential treatment was not one of them. I preferred to be one of the crowd and it embarrassed me when I was was singled out in public like I was some sort of celebrity.


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