Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dianne Feinstein Finally Stands Up For Somebody

Trey Smith

Not you or me, mind you!

The Democratic Senator from California had spent the entire summer and early fall badmouthing anyone with the temerity to suggest that the pervasive spying programs of the NSA may have gone too far. Every time someone complained about the violation of the rights of American citizens, Feinstein shouted, "Terrorism! We must defeat terrorism!" Suggest that it is unethical to target innocent citizens of the world and Feinstein offered the same refrain.

But it now appears that Feinstein does care about one person: Angela Merkel. Though Merkel is not one of Dianne Feinstein's many constituents -- she's the leader of Germany -- the senator is outraged that the NSA has been spying on her!! And so, Ms. F is ready to spring into action.

As I have noted before, it is not altogether shocking that elites only become alarmed when programs, laws, regulations or behavior impact their own kind. Government and Corporate America are free to harass and abuse the general public, but NOT the power brokers themselves. We have seen this same kind of reaction with the financial crisis. The big Wall Street banks were allowed to foreclose on the common people at will and face next to no indignation OR punishment. But when those same firms targeted the pocketbooks of the wealthy, that's when the sharks started to circle in the water.

Though the myth still prevails, the people must get it through their thick heads that, by and large, our representatives in Congress (and the White House) do not represent the American public. Sure, they act like they do around election time, but that's only to convince the masses to vote for them. Once they become ensconced in office, they don't give a damn about what happens to you and me. We don't matter one wit...until they need our votes again!

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