Sunday, October 6, 2013

Afternoon Matinee: Protest - No Biscuit Blues

Never had no biscuit
Never had no sweater to wear
To keep me from the cold

Never no potato
Never had no leather on my feet
'Til I was five years old

When I was a baby my mama said
I never had no food to keep me full
And I never had no sweater made of wool
And that went and made my daddy
Have to pull a job
(Which means he had to rob)

But now though I have a biscuit
And I have a sweater to wear
To keep me from the cold
My mammy, she is crying
'Cause my daddy, he is lying
With no biscuit, and no sweater,
On the cold stone floor
While my mammy and me
We don't want for nothing more
~ from Lyric Wiki ~

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