Friday, October 18, 2013

After All Was Said and Done

Trey Smith

Over the past two weeks, I haven't made that much mention about the federal shutdown. Why? Because I viewed it as little more than political theater! After all was said and done, the necessary bill was passed and, as far as I know, it didn't include anything particularly controversial. After all the debate and rancor, we're pretty much back to business as usual.

Of course, as Congress has done in the past, the political divide between the quasi sane people and the rabid right hasn't been quelled in the least. The bill passed is only a temporary measure which means we all get to watch this circus again early next year. In fact, until Obama leaves office, those zany Tea Party reps will continue to try to defund the Affordable Care Act every chance they get.

As I have noted several times before, I am NOT a fan of Obamacare. That being said, trying to defund legislation that has already passed and been signed into law is not the way to go. Instead of trying to sidetrack the Act, our representatives should try to improve it! Unfortunately, almost all of the so-called "improvements" favored by the Tea Party crowd are not improvements at all.

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