Monday, October 14, 2013

150 Times Per Day?

Trey Smith

While watching a Young Turks video from Ana Kasparian, something she noted astounded me. According to some sort of study, the average person checks their cell phone 150 times per day (every 6.5 minutes)!

I'm trying to think of another voluntary action that would amount to that many times, but I can't think of one. Can you?

As I have mentioned before, I don't own a cell phone (though my wife does). I don't have a need for one. I certainly don't have 150 people to talk to! I don't receive 150 emails in a day and I don't do Facebook, Twitter or use any other of the various social media platforms. I don't even check or write on this blog more than a handful of times per day.

If the average person plays with their cell phone 150 times per day, how do they get anything done? It would seem to interrupt the flow of most any project...or conversation.

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  1. Slowly people realize what these smartphones really are - weapons of mass distraction! We are being spied on and reduced to zombies!


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