Friday, September 27, 2013

We (Kind of, Sort of) Matter, But You Don't

Trey Smith

Four US Senators -- 3 Democrats and 1 Republican -- have drafted a bill to rein in the NSA and its pervasive surveillance apparatus. In general, this is welcome news and it shows that the disclosures by Edward Snowden may yet bear fruit. However, while these senators are concerned with the violation of rights of American citizens, the Guardian reports that "there is limited, if any, support in Congress for limiting the NSA's ability to monitor or gather evidence on foreigners."

In other words, while a movement appears to be growing to limit the massive amount of spying on innocent Americans, innocent citizens of Australia, Brazil, Belgium, China or Somalia are shit out of luck! No one seems to be championing YOUR right to privacy.

Consequently, American Exceptionalism is alive and well. Because we are Americans, we should be excluded from mass spying because we are (sort of, kind of) exceptional peons. The rest of you aren't exceptional, so you will have to put up with Uncle Sam's Big Brother. But don't be mad or cross. Big Brother Uncle Sam will continue to spy on you to protect you...from yourselves.

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