Monday, September 16, 2013

Somebody Is Not Happy

Trey Smith

As it always happens whenever there is a ceasefire or an agreement to avert war/military aggression, somebody is not happy. In the case of Syria, it seems that two somebodies are not very pleased. The war hawks in the US aren't enthralled with the agreement brokered by their own government and Russia because war -- even if you don't call it that -- is good for business! When the bottom line is ALL that matters, you don't take kindly to anyone who seeks to take money that was earmarked for your pocketbook.

There is another group that is none too pleased: various factions of the Syrian rebels. They were counting on a US aerial assault to shift the tide in their ongoing civil war -- one they are losing -- and so now they face the prospect of a long stalemate, at best, or a defeat, at worst. The current agreement with the Assad government re their chemical weapons is the last thing in the world they wanted.

If you don't think so, one rebel commander made his thoughts well known when he said, "Let the Kerry-Lavrov plan go to hell. We reject it and we will not protect the inspectors."

While understandable in the context of war, his statement is troublesome, nonetheless. It should make one wonder if the rebels will undermine the agreement in order to coax the US war hawks to act. The worst possible outcome for the people of Syria is, if the Assad government tries to live up to the agreement, but the rebels themselves make it impossible for Syria's chemical weapons to be placed under foreign control and subsequently destroyed. It begs the question: If Assad complies, but the rebels don't, will the US take the unilateral action to "punish" Syria with missile strikes?

If that option is on the table, then logic dictates that is precisely what the rebels will do. They will mess up the agreement and then blame the Assad regime for their own sins. The military-industrial complex and the lapdog mainstream media will play along. Before we know it, the "war" that few want will be given a green light.

No one will be happy...except for the war hawks and the Syrian rebels.

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