Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Afternoon Matinee: Protest - Blue Collar Ballad

Performed by Sweatshop Union

(Employees.. they want the benefits, they want the pensions.. but they just don't want to work for it)
Who the hell you think I am? 12x

Well he's a well dressed man
With his well pressed pants
Buying ethical funds, crushing helpless ants
Walking like he won the sweepstakes,
Carrying his briefcase
Wonder if his wife liked marrying this cheap skate
But he's great to talk to, if you're wearing a suit too
Might spend a sec pretending to be caring what you do
But you knew, as I do, that who's who is vital
He's the face behind the desk who will choose to deny you

A chance to taste the paradise, appetise
Then mask the face, that paradise a disguise
Compassion lost for these high fashion costs
Five hundred dollar shoes and a Macintosh
I'm, laughing softly, just waxing lobbies
Pretending I don't notice and, acting snobby

Just mopping the floors here,
and I've been here four years
Before this I was equal, just like you pour beers
Down your throats, go home and beat your wives
I've heard all your stories, you can keep your lies
And, keep your 'Hi's' and 'Hello's' and 'Goodbyes'
And your condescending point of view, sir.

Who the hell you think I am?

I thank God for what I got, but I take what I can get
I trade away my time and talent trying to balance paychecks
My painting is sub-par, I find it hard to stay alive
I know your (feet sitting?) high, but how many will survive
So I strive from 9-5 for my minimum wage
And in this blue collar charade, I just seem to get played
Afraid you'll think nothing of it, I'm just a workforce puppet
The pot is boiling over, I'm at the point of saying fuck it

Love it or leave it, it's life as we perceive it
Believing it or not, we all work as if we need it
Seems that respect is at an all time low
Not an ounce of elbow room, but we're all trying to grow
And I may only be a stones throw, from where I am trying to go
But these seeds we need to sow before we achieve gold
And the older I turn, the more I start to learn
Yet the less today I earn, curse the work in hell I burn

(Employer) Sure has changed, these days it seems everyone's scared of a little hard work. The world would be a better place, if everyone worked more harder. Give up your breaks, give up your personal freedom. You too, will have a life of success.

We all try to break bread, but its hard to stay fed
Another large number paycheck today gets wasted
Amazed at the haste at which we pass day to day
Dreaming of the things we'd do if we had major pay
Slave away and starve, play the game and live large
I once hid scars as a kid, now we are
Grown folk, with our own hopes and goals now
Sold by the gallon, talent flows and know-how
Hope to slow down, provoke the whole town
Hard to fill dreams with these jobs we hold now
So hold your cold frown, don't be a nerdy clerk
Who the hell you think I am? Do your own dirty work.

Who the hell you think I am?

(Employer) Al. I've been reviewing your file..
(Employee) Yeah?
(Employer) You've been with the company, four years now.
(Employee) Yeah, about four years. So what?
(Employer) For all four years, I get nothing but complaints about you.
(Employee) Complaints about me?
(Employer) You don't show up at work, you don't take pride in your job.
(Employee) Ah, Christ..
(Employer) You think you're something special?
(Employee) Pshhhh
(Employer) There are a million and one other people out there just like you.
(Employee) Just like me, right? Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy, sir. You want me to, get off my break and stop eating, maybe.. shine this floor up nice for you.. you know, take some pride in my work.. or you know, make you a little more happy, maybe that would make your day, would it?
(Employer) That's enough. Just get your belongings, and leave.
(Employee) Leave?
(Employer) Or security will have to escort you from the building.
(Employee) Escort..? What? Fuck you then man! I QUIT!
~ from Lyric Wiki ~

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