Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Done Deal

Trey Smith

After nine months of starts and stops, we signed papers yesterday for a one year lease on an apartment in Ocean Shores, Washington. Now a different clock starts ticking.

Our plan is for Della and Lily (the dachshund) to move north at the end of next week. I will remain in South Bend for the next few weeks packing the rest of our belongings. In addition, as we are downsizing in a major way, we will sell (yard sale) or donate 50% or more of what we own PLUS it will take me some time to do intense cleaning of the house and property. While our house will not be in pristine shape, we will do the responsible thing to insure that, when we turn in our keys to USDA, the house will be in near the same shape as when we bought it.

While there certainly is a degree of excitement because we are moving to a beach community, there is also much trepidation. The apartment itself is less than one-half the size of our house. The kitchen is tiny and so too is the main room! The bedrooms are small as well. The entire apartment is about as large as the second floor -- my cave -- of our house here in South Bend. As someone who feels most comfortable with my own dedicated space, apartment living will be challenging, to say the least.

All in all, we are both elated and downcast. This is not a direction we had planned to head, but it is the direction we're heading.

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