Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 20, Part 7

Trey Smith

But the ruler of Lu said, "The road is dark and long and there are no people there. Who will be my companion on the way? When I have no rations, when I have nothing to eat, how will I be able to reach my destination?"

The Master from south of the Market said, "Make few your needs, lessen your desires, and then you may get along even without rations. You will ford the rivers and drift out upon the sea. Gaze all you may - you cannot see its farther shore; journey on and on - you will never find where it ends. Those who came to see you off will all turn back from the shore and go home, while you move ever farther into the distance.

~ Burton Watson translation ~
Meditation is a solitary journey. Not only must we set out alone, but we can't take any baggage with us either.

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