Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 18, Part 8

Trey Smith

Uncle Lack-Limb and Uncle Lame-Gait were seeing the sights at Dark Lord Hill and the wastes of K'un-lun, the place where the Yellow Emperor rested.. Suddenly a willow sprouted out of Uncle Lame-Gait's left elbow. He looked very startled and seemed to be annoyed.

"Do you resent it?" said Uncle Lack-Limb.

"No, what is there to resent?" said Uncle Lame-Gait. "To live is to borrow. And if we borrow to live, then life must be a pile of trash. Life and death are day and night. You and I came to watch the process of change, and now change has caught up with me. Why would I have anything to resent?"

~ Burton Watson translation ~
The hardest thing for most of us is to roll with the punches. We want life to be how we want it and when it is not how we want it, we become angry, annoyed, frustrated or sorrowful.

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