Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Afternoon Matinee: Protest - War Is Good

Performed by Corporate Avenger

It's like the powers that be have totally outlawed living the natural way
the way we were ment to live. You know if you wanna hunt or you
wanna fish you know you gotta be on land. And if your some where
on land you're trespassing against someone these days and they'll put
you in jail. So if you wanna hunt, or fish you gotta have a license, and
in order to get a license you gotta work. And when you work they take
a portion of your pay, the sweat off your back and funnel it towards
their military machine of killing and death and sorrows.

Not a child of Adam and Eve
I don't need to believe in the wrongs from rights
In your schools and in your brains
You're so insane you claim you're right
You say war is good, and war is right
Another mother crys tonight alright

A killer, you keep workin, and working, and working and they keep
taking, and taking, and taking. They'll throw you a few little crumbs
they'll give you a home, a car, a television, a vacation. Someday you
may even have a bank account that you're scared to lose.

You steal the sweat right off my back
You load me up with lies not facts
Still you do not answer for five hundred years of lies and sorrow
You say war is good, and war is right
Another mother cries tonight
War is good, war is fun
Steal my money build your guns

It's like you never really own anything, you're just holding onto it.
Cause when you die the government comes and takes away half of
what you worked for, even though they already taxed you for a large
percentage. They funnel all that money to their coffers, which go
mostly to weapons of destruction. As the metal burns and the powder
catches on fire destroying the sacred lights of human beings who were
put on this Earth to grow together in a sacred manner. It's all a bunch
of bullshit actually.

Take it to another level.
War is good, war is right
Another child cries tonight
War is right, war is good
Until its in your neighborhood
War is good, war is right
Another father dies tonight
War is right, war is fun
Steal my money build your guns
Take it to another level
~ from Lyric Wiki ~

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