Monday, May 6, 2013

Why I Write

Trey Smith

Nothing frightens fascism and its older brother imperialism more than real people and their honest stories.

It is because ordinary stories of ordinary people are so genuine and so accurately reflect authentic human fears, desires and dreams that the ideologues and propagandists of the Western regime, which is supported by unnatural hyper-pseudo-reality, feel, for their survival, that it is essential to annihilate those stories, to wipe them from the surface of earth, even to erase them from our memories.

Real human feelings get in the way; they still resist, block the path to the total commercialization of life and the full implementation of the perverse concepts introduced by the Empire. Such resistance is described and glorified in real stories, making them ‘extremely dangerous’ and potentially fatal to the regime.

Human nature is fundamentally optimistic and kind; it is mostly evenhanded and sharing. If it is not grossly manipulated, fooled, even conned; it generally puts the life of others well above cold profit. It is disposed to be compassionate, forgiving and accepting. It is not perfect, far from it, but as the French philosopher and writer Albert Camus declared at the end of his brilliant novel “The Plague”: “there is more to admire than to despise in humans”.

That is all very bad news for market fundamentalism and for the masters of the world. They need to ensure that the majority of the human race consists of greedy individuals, aggressive people, people who do not think or feel but consume, and, if they do think, about how to amass more, consume more; definitely not about how to build a decent and egalitarian society. (emphasis is mine)
~ from Imperialism is Now Murdering Stories by Andre Vltchek ~
If you have ever wondered why I write so many socio-political posts on a Taoist blog, Vltchek offers a clue. I agree with his main thesis: by and large, Americans are being taught not to think and feel. All our masters really want is for us to become robotic consumers whose SOLE concern is our own little corner of the world.

To combat this penchant, my goal is to lift the veil, to allow readers the opportunity to see behind the proverbial curtain. If you can see that our leader's lofty words are hollow -- that they rarely walk their own talk -- maybe it will spur you to think and to think in ways that are adverse to the way we are programmed to think.

In my mind's eye, thinking plays such a crucial role in life because it serves as the springboard for our feelings. If we are manipulated to think a particular way, then it should surprise no one that we feel a particular way too.

Political commentators have spoken and written a lot in the past decade or so about the stark ideological divide in this nation. It is said that we Americans don't seem to know what we want. I would submit that this is precisely what the elite desires. They want us to bicker amongst ourselves, so that we're too busy defending our own tiny pieces of turf and not paying attention to what they are up to...because what they are up to is some really bad stuff that seeks to divide us, not bring us together.

If we strip away all the politics, ideology and national identities, people want the same basic things. We want adequate shelter and quality food to eat. We want good fitting clothes. We want jobs that have meaning and are respected by others. We want to love and be loved by others. We don't want to be subjected to war, pestilence, subjugation or exploitation. Most of all, we want to be free and happy. We want the opportunity to be the best that we can be.

But it has become ever more difficult to grasp these ties that bind us and that is because the powers that be don't want us to see them. They don't want us to come together -- that sort of thinking is dangerous and subversive!

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