Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Answering My Own Question

Trey Smith

In my previous post today on the dangers of nuclear waste, I wrote,
What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of utter insanity. We are voluntarily creating substances that could end life as we know it and we KNOW this, but we keep doing it anyway. What could be more insane than that?
Actually, I do know of something that IS more insane than that.

There are certain elements in our present society -- fundamentalist Christians come to mind -- who poo poo almost anything scientific. When scientists develop a theory, these are the people who immediately scoff and laugh at it. If one person doesn't agree with any aspect of the theory -- even if that one person is NOT a scientist -- these folks run around saying, "This theory is very controversial and there are lots of scientists who disagree."

And yet, many of these same individuals support the use of nuclear energy because...wait for it...they figure that later human generations will figure out how to store and/or clean it safely. And how will these later generations do that? By utilizing much the same scientific method these people lampoon today!

In other words, those folks who do not accept the almost universal consensus of modern-day scientists that global warming is both real and human-caused are looking to science to solve a problem that we are creating for future generations (as well as ourselves) right now. Not only is that thoroughly disingenuous, but it is completely irrational (insane)!

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