Friday, May 17, 2013

Almost Everthing Is Fair Game Now

Trey Smith

Up to now, part of Obama's information policy has been that mainstream media qualifies for First Amendment protection but “alternative” journalists and the news organizations they work for, as well as bloggers, activists, writers and others who work independently of major news organizations and who use the Internet as the free vehicle of communications it was invented to be have absolutely no protections. Since 2009, this government is known to have taken action against Internet activists and truth-tellers: seizing servers, email records and virtually all forms of on-line communications and then prosecuting people in over a dozen cases based on some of those seizures. There's been very little action taken against the corporate press, which for its part has largely ignored or blacked out any reporting on the government attacks on its smaller media competitors.

This "favored status" commercial media has enjoyed has now been trashed. The "protected press" is as exposed as the rest of us.
~ from The AP Seizures and the Frightening Web They've Uncovered by Alfredo Lopez ~
The part of this affair with the seizure of AP phone records that should bother you the most is that Obama's Department of Justice (DOJ) brazenly admitted it. They had to know it would cause a major furor, but they did it anyway. What should genuinely frighten you is that, MOST OF THE TIME, they do not admit to it. If they feel they can so easily violate the US Constitution against the lapdog mainstream media, who knows what levels of invasion of privacy they are committing against the rest of us!

In Obama's America today, almost everything is fair game. You don't even need to be suspected of anything nefarious or illegal. The way the DOJ, FBI, CIA and DHS are approaching the privacy question, if you communicate with anyone in any form, they have the right to seize it. What's worse, you will be very lucky indeed if you ever learn of it.

And this whole affair leads to an obvious question: Why did the DOJ admit they seized the AP phone records in the first place? The answer is just as obvious. They did it to scare and intimidate all of us. It is their way of saying that constitutional protections no longer exist in this country. It is their way of saying that they hold all the power and the rest of us are at their mercy.

Do you still cling to the idea that we live in a free country?

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