Thursday, May 9, 2013

Afternoon Matinee: Protest - Cheney's Toy

Performed by James McMurtry

Another unknown soldier

Another lesson learned

Kick the gas can over

Strike a match get back and watch that sucker burn

Keep smiling for the camera

Keep waving to the crowd

Don't let up for an instant

Stay the course and make your mama proud

You're the man

Show'em what you're made of

You're no longer daddy's boy

You're the man

That they're all afraid of

But you're only Cheney's toy

Another unknown soldier

Who's seen it all before

All in the name of Jesus

Behind the razor wire and shackled to the floor

Just keep smiling at the cameras

And keep that twinkle in your eye

We don't need to know the answers

Long as we're safe, just hit your marks and say your lines

You're the man

Show 'em what you're made of

You're no longer daddy's boy

Take a stand

Give 'em what they paid for

'Cause you're only Cheney's toy

They'll take a fork and turn you over

While the fat lady sings

One more pin on one more shoulder

Is all the future brings

For another unknown soldier

Who don't know his own name

And he won't get any older

And he can't see for the shrapnel in his brain
~ from Lyric Wiki ~

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