Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Trey Smith

My closest and dearest Black friends think I hate Obama, because I never miss a chance to share with them, his broken promises; that he, a Constitutional lawyer, is busy shredding the Constitution; a Nobel Peace Prize winner showing his true colors by running more wars, behind more regime-change, backing more coups than any of us can keep track of.

My friends, in the presence of whom I now fear to mention the name Obama, in order to avoid besmirching the status of “The First Black President”, are all wrong. Hate is not to be squandered because it robs the soul of energy.

I don’t hate Obama. I detest him. Which is worse, because it carries a smidgen less bile while still sending that strong message that he should be detested for the program that he appears to be prosecuting for his handlers.

It doesn’t take intellectual brilliance to ask the question: What has he done for us lately? Versus, What has he done for the powerful from Day 1? What promises has he made, and which has he kept?

Some of my friends are alarmed that a Black man should be criticizing the Black President. My friends ought to know that I have sufficient principle that if I have lambasted President Bush, why should I give President Obama a pass? After all, I consider him far more dangerous than Bush could ever be, simply because he is far more intelligent. Which is why I refer to him as “Bush on Steroids”.

The handlers who made him President are men who understood that a black President could do things that a white President wouldn’t dare contemplate. This black President could, and did, kill Americans, including a 16-year-old, with drones in Yemen, while the Liberals who attacked Bush, to this day, remain silent. Muzzled.
~ from Et Tu Obama? by Patrick Barr ~
It should come as no surprise to readers that this snippet fairly well sums up my opinion of the current president. The only difference is that I am a white man, not a black man. While a good majority on the far right detest Obama because of the color of his skin, I detest him because of the policies he proffers which, for the most part, are not that much unlike his white predecessor's policies.

The one point I have tried to hammer home since 2007 is that I too consider Obama "far more dangerous than Bush could ever be" simply because he has muzzled liberals and progressives far and wide. It has gotten so bad over these past 5+ years that I worry that the progressive movement -- as a political force -- is teetering near death. If it somehow can survive, it may take two or three generations to find its feet again.

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