Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Depending on Nothing II

Scott Bradley

Zhuangzi asks, "What would it be like to depend on . . . nothing?"

"What would it be like?" Imagine this. Feel this. Explore this. Do this. Experience this.

You don't have to believe anything. Nothing has to be 'true'. No 'answers' will be forthcoming. All the world of possible human experience lies before you; explore the possible. Find new possibles. This isn't religion. Nothing is mandated. All ways are optional. Play. Wander. Enjoy.

This is imaginative meditation. What does it depend on? Not results. Not doctrinal purity. Not the endorsement of others. Does it depend on a willing desire? Certainly; where did that come from if not from life itself? Follow your heart. Trust your heart. Imagine what that would be like.

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