Monday, April 8, 2013

Boeing Boings

Trey Smith

It is getting harder and harder to figure out what the Democratic and Republican Parties stand for these days. In the old days, the GOP was the party of business and the Democrats stood up for the rest of us. But it is difficult to say that now when a Democratic president seems intent on placing Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block, attacks government whistleblowers relentlessly, maintains a "kill list" of foreigners AND Americans, and appears set to approve the greatest environmental boondoggle yet (Keystone Pipeline).

It is not just on the federal level that the party lines are being blurred. Here in Washington, it was Republican lawmakers who proposed a bill to regulate domestic drone use. They got a few Democrats to go along with them, but then our one of our state's economic kingpins got into the fray and that was the end of that!
“We believe that as the technology matures, best practices and new understanding will emerge, and that it would be counterproductive to rush into regulating a burgeoning industry,” Boeing spokeswoman Sue Bradley wrote in a statement. (The company makes a variety of drones from the Unmanned Little Bird and the A160 Hummingbird helicopters to the ScanEagle which has been used in Iran and Iraq and the proposed new X-45C combat aircraft.)

After the company approached several lawmakers, Frank Chopp, the Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington state, canceled a scheduled March 13 vote on the bill. Instead Jeff Morris, another Democrat who chairs the House Technology and Economic Development Committee, was asked to lead a “more comprehensive study of surveillance issues.”
Yes, it was the Democrats who killed the bill! They sided with Boeing in putting profits before people.

And this is the supposed liberal party?

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