Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 12, Part 19

Trey Smith

"May I ask about the man of Virtue?"

"The man of Virtue rests without thought, moves without plan. He has no use for right and wrong, beautiful and ugly. To share profit with all things within the four seas is his happiness, to look after their needs is his peace. Sad-faced, he's like a little child who has lost his mother. Bewildered, he's like a traveler who has lost his way. He has more than enough wealth and goods, but he doesn't know where they come from. He gets all he needs to eat and drink, but he doesn't know how he gets it. This is called the manner of the man of Virtue."

~ Burton Watson translation ~
Am I my brother's (and sister's) keeper? Yes. It is when we see to the needs of others that we see to the needs of ourselves.

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