Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Train Has Left the Station!

Trey Smith

My post this morning -- Ingrown Nature -- was supposed to be the first of three posts. The second installment was to be entitled "Inborn Nature" and the third didn't have a title at that point. I had mapped out the course of these three posts, but then, as it frequently happens in life, I was interrupted. Once the interruption had abated, I sat down to write post #2, but I had lost my train of thought!

I still retained the basic outline of what I hoped to share, but the inspiration actually to write it had left me. I debated a bit as to whether or not I should simply delete the first installment, but decided to leave it there to stand on its own. Who knows? At some juncture, the inspiration may return and I'll be able to write the last two parts of this intended triplet of posts. Then again, it may not.

When I was younger, I probably would have tried to force myself to write the last two installments, inspiration or not. But what is the purpose in that? There are times when the river flows and other times when the river is calm. If this particular river flows again, I will ride the current. If it doesn't, then I am content to wait for a new wave or ripple to appear.

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