Friday, March 29, 2013

The Simple Way II: No Conditions To Meet

Scott Bradley

The Simple Way is non-dual; it understands Reality as a Oneness that necessarily abides outside the ability of the intellect to articulate. Dualism is a necessary condition of our experience of self-aware, individuated existence. Yet this experience can be informed by non-dual experience and thus made fuller and richer. Nothing is rejected; there is no flight from things as they are and must be. All is affirmed.

The Simple Way understands the non-dual as an affirmation of things as they are. This includes all that humans are and do. There is nothing that is not Dao. All that humans do is what Dao does. Nothing is lost. Nothing falls through the cracks. There is neither heaven nor hell. It is impossible to 'deviate' from Dao; one cannot be 'out of the Dao'.

There are humans who realize the human potential to joy and harmony more successfully than others. There are some who fail of this miserably. But they are equally human and the expressions they give to their humanity are equally expressions of Reality. Dao does not distinguish between them. Dao is every expression.

The Simple Way understands this affirmation as the beginning and end of the experience of unity. There are no conditions one must meet to be absolutely affirmed together with all things. It is already true of us. There is nothing which we must become to be acceptable. All things are acceptable just as they are.

Realizing this is transformative. All concerns about the moral implications of an amoral Dao are obviated in the experience of this total affirmation. Free of the need to become, we are free to become.

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  1. I know you've written hundreds of posts and have spoken lately about writing perhaps slowing down or stopping. Posts like these display just why. When it is all distilled and naked, bare and clear - it's hard to say much more.


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